Meet our CEO,

Bayley Guy

Bayley Guy is MotMot's CEO and interim Director of Sales. He started with the company in 2016 with Braden Wild and the original team to help design the original pitch and trade show booth for the first Seattle University Business Plan Competition! From there, he developed a focus on sales and marketing, which were ingredients to create an amazing leader. Bayley is originally from Portland, Oregon, and is a fourth-year at Seattle University studying Marketing.

"MotMot for me was an opportunity to do something different. Every class I had taken up to that point had told me to do somethin different, but to me, MotMot wasn't just about being different from the rest of the industry, it was about being better than the rest of the industry. From the sustainability aspects to treating the farmers as well as we can, MotMot was all about being the best in the industry.

I've learned more in my time with MotMot than any class I ever took because this kind of hands-on experience and learning through trial by fire is the best way to go."

Meet our Executive VP & VP of Marketing,

Andrew Gao

Andrew Gao is the Executive Vice President and VP of Marketing for MotMot Coffee, starting in 2017. He was the very first intern to join the MotMot nest, and is our company wizard for all things graphic design, photography, and brand management! Andrew is a third-year at Seattle University studying marketing and finance, originating from Southern California.

"When I joined MotMot, it was as if the company, its mission, and its values called to me. Having been a pedigree in the coffee industry from my parents, its been an incredible opportunity to be part of the MotMot team and learn more about the coffee industry as a whole. Being able to take things form my classes and apply them to a real-world business is what make MotMot unique compared to any other organization. Post-graduation, I definitely will continue with my involvement in the coffee industry. The journey has been long, but the experience and knowledge received from the path traveled has been the most rewarding."

Meet our CFO,

Michael Scott

Michael Scott (yes, that's his name) is this year's Chief Financial Officer for MotMot Coffee. He started with the company recently and has had previous experience in nonprofit budget management. Michael makes sure that our company has the funds and internal organization it needs! Michael is a Finance fourth-year at Seattle University.

"Hey y'all! My name is Michael Scott and I am this year's Chief Financial Officer for MotMot Coffee. I grew up in rural North Carolina in a small farming community and that sparked a passion for taking care of agriculturalists all around the world. I am most excited to see how MotMot can grow in just a short year and to see how many lives we can pact in a positive way."

Meet our VP of Operations,

Jenna Maeda

Jenna is a Marketing major at Seattle University in her second year. She is from Cypress in Southern California and loves a good musical!

Meet our VP of Human Resources,

Melia Dudgeon

Melia Dudgeon is the VP of Human Resources. Within MotMot, Melia is working on streamlining communication, hiring, onboarding, employee morale, and board meetings. In addition to her position as VP of HR, she is currently a Junior studying Business Analytics in the Albers School of Business and Economics.

"Since I was in high school, the coffee industry has always been near and dear to my heart. After living in Hawaii and seeing the ins and outs of how coffee is grown, processed, roasted, and brewed, I realized how little of the profit goes to the actual farmer. When I first read about MotMot and their mission, I knew I needed to apply and be a part of their cause! Seeing how MotMot does coffee differently instantly clicked with me, and I'm so excited to be part of the team!"

Meet our Financial Associate,

Dani Alday

Dani is our financial associate this year! She works closely with our CFO to maintain our company's systems. On top of being a third-year accounting major at Seattle University, Dani is heavily involved with many other school organizations and is one of the original interns on MotMot!

Meet our Sales Associate,

Noah Charvat

Noah is our sales associate on MotMot this year. He works to seek out new leads and maintains relationships in the field! Noah is a third-year at Seattle University studying International Business and French. He loves pairing wines and cheeses!

Meet our Interns!

Bethany Locke

Bethany is a second-year Marketing and Business Analytics double major at Seattle University from Newcastle, Washington. She loves sitting in coffee shops on Sunday, golfing, and is an avid foodie!

Mika Chan

Mika is a second-year Marketing and Finance double major from San Francsico, California. She loves watching basketball (go Warriors!) and exploring new places in Seattle.