What is

A MotMot?

A MotMot is the national bird of Nicaragua! In Spanish called Guardabarranco ("ravine-guard"), a Turqoise-Browed MotMot is known for their unique racquet-tipped tail. This bird is a symbol for our company because it is a symbol for Nicaragua; everything we do honors our international partners and the vibrancy of the land where our coffee grows.

The MotMot inhabits Central America from the south of Mexico to Costa Rica. A small bird, only weighing 2.3 oz. and approximately 13 in. in length, they live in fairly open forests and scrubland. While most bird species observe the male bird with more flashy pumage, both sexes of motMot are equally colorful. The racquet-tipped tail is usually waved above the bird's head in response to predators.

Our History

Nicaraguan coffee co-ops and Seattle University have been connected since the 2003 coffee crisis. Catholic Relief Services sent a professor of cofee chemistry from our cmapus to Matagalpa. In 2013, we began involving our sister school, Universidad de Centro Americana - Managua, as translators and gaining student business experience.

In 2015, we purchased our first batch of coffee and sold under the co-op's brand name. In the years following we've hired a team of six student executives, integrated a student intern team, doubled sales year over year, and are now incorprated as WA State Non-Profit Corporation.

Spring of 2019, we successfully expanded to our second country of origin integrating specialty Vietnamese coffee product offering.


In 2018, MotMot received a grant for a team of six students and two faculty to travel to an Asian country and study an international issue an Asian context. MotMot chose to study coffee in Vietnam, the second-largest producer of coffee in the world. For three weeks, our team traveled throughout the Da Lat mountains and found the Married Beans, an ethical co-operative coffee collective. Because MotMot's values aligned with Married Beans primary goal of supporting livelihood and raising the standard of living for coffee farmers to encourage specialty coffee production, we decided to partner with them to bring premium Vietnamese coffee to Seattle.

In June of 2019, after a year of processing paperwork and registering with the FDA, our first shipment of Tâm coffee beans arrived. We are proud to be able to provide a new and delicious roast to the Seattle area straight from the heart of Vietnam.

Tâm translates to "heart" or "center" in Vietnamese and speaks to larger philosophy of living life aligned with your heart in your actions. The Tâm logo is a sunflower as it is one of the main symbols of the city of De Lat and sunflowers have a big center or heart of the flower.