Our new Vietnamese coffee, sourced from the luscious mountains of Ðà Lḁt

Student Created,
Student Run.

Students on the MotMot team gain unparalleled business experience in international business and ethical company management. MotMot develops student's skills through experiential learning and educates & encourages consumers on ethical coffee consumption.

Meet Our Team!


Ethically & Directly Sourced

MotMot partners with coffee co-operatives that foster economic, product quality, and community development. We pay premiums higher than Fair Trade and ensure a close personal connection with farmers and co-op management. Our vertically integrated supply chain assures no middlemen take a percentage of the money farmers earn.

Each farmer we partner with is guaranteed fair and sustainable wages, quality medical care, and access to education for themselves and their family.

Our Story


MotMot Coffee is always ethically sourced. We care for each person involved from bean to cup.


We are constantly thinking of ways to develop sustainable coffee farming practices.


Our business nurtures and develops business professionals. Learn more about our flourishing members below!


Ultimately, our company is all about the people. Nothing is more important to us than the individuals involved in every step of the coffee process.