Introducing purpose with every cup

Meet Maria Velasquez, a Nicaraguan small coffee farmer who harvests MotMot Coffee's signature blend. 

Velasquez is an anomaly in the coffee industry. She is 100% in charge of her farm and the head of her all-female household. With her earnings, she has been able to reinvest in her farm and send her daughters to school. 

When you buy a bag of MotMot Coffee, part of the profit generated by your purchase goes toward a farmer's fund run by Velasquez's co-op, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers.

The fund has supported many projects beneficial to their members. These include installing running water in schools far from utility grids, offering free computer classes, like the one above, that are 90% female, and providing textbooks and educational necessities for young girls in school.

Help Nicaragua's female coffee farmers by shopping MotMot's 

Introducing purpose with every cup

We're MotMot Coffee, an Albers student-founded, student-led, and student-driven coffee brand.

In 2015, we purchased our first batch of coffee and sold it under the co-op's brand name, partnering with Nicaraguan and Vietnamese coffee cooperatives that foster economic, product quality and community development.  In the years following we've hired a team of six student executives, integrated a student intern team, doubled sales year over year, and are now incorporated as a WA State Non-Profit Corporation.

MotMot, named after Nicaragua's national bird, is proudly direct trade. We pay premiums higher than Fair Trade and ensure a close personal connection with farmers and co-op management. 

The coffee beans we source are roasted in Seattle, packaged, and sold to consumers and coffee shops. Instead of buying your next bag of coffee from the supermarket or large online retailer, why not purchase from MotMot instead?

5 reasons to buy coffee from MotMot

  1.     You support small coffee farmers like Maria, not just big conglomerates. Your purchase enables fair and sustainable wages, quality medical care, and access to education for the farmers we partner with and their families.
  2.     More of your dollars go to the farmer who produced your brew. Other coffee companies pay their farmers only six cents for every $5 latte they sell. At MotMot, 100% of our proceeds go directly into our farmers' hands. Our vertically integrated supply chain assures no middlemen take a percentage of the money that farmers earn.
  3.     Our specialty coffee is delicious. Our signature Nicaraguan blend, MotMot, has a bright, lemony tang and nutty hints of chocolate. Our Vietnamese blend, Tam, has hints of sweet honey and tangerine with caramel and chocolate tasting notes.
  4.     You help incubate the next generation of ethical business leaders. Students are redefining the coffee industry, right here at Albers. By supporting MotMot, you are nurturing future leaders for the coffee industry and beyond.
5.      No supply chain uncertainties to contend with. We've got our stock right here in Seattle, ready for delivery.